New Concealed Hinge Technology

Our new concealed hinge solution features quick and efficient installation and adjustment, without door removal. The unique structure of the hinge brings new standards of capacity, security and esthetics to steel doors. The Concealed Hinge 2D represents extensive research in response to customer requirements, and in cooperation with leading steel door manufacturers.

Concealed hinge 2D features a patented system for connecting and adjusting the door to the frame, making installation quick and efficient.
Adjustments in 2D can be made easily using custom keys without having to remove the door.

Made of casting steel with the combination of its unique hidden mechanism, provides maximum protection against cutting or breaking.
The design and construction of the hinge, enables the hinges system to hold a door with 2 hinges up to 80Kg, 3 hinges up to 120Kg.

  Perfectly suitable for heavy-duty installations.

  Can be customized to a variety of steel door frames.

  Door opening: 120-140 Degrees.


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